We appreciate that the best solutions can be found in the small details.

Cargo Sure cover all aspects of marine and maritime, cargo & legal liability investigations & surveys to both Insurers & insured alike. With a world-wide network of marine & cargo experts / cargo survey professionals & lawyers of high repute.

Cargo Sure provides modern tailor made, cost effective ad hoc packages to suit your specific needs. Our maritime team provide maritime surveys, consultancy, investigations & legal services to our global client base.

Transit claims as well as accidents to personnel, property or cargo, happen when and where you least expect it. It is reassuring to know that by appointing Cargo Sure, we can act as your eyes and ears on the ground no matter which time zone or where the incident takes place.

Cargo Sure regularly operates in some of the most inhospitable and difficult jurisdictions for importers / exporters and operators to do business, especially when things go wrong.

In these circumstances, it is essential that you have the full stringently confidential support of regional experts and professionals who can apply their local understanding, combined with maritime industry standards, to best protect your commercial interests.

The Cargo Sure team of multilingual & multicultural experts, surveyors, master mariners & maritime lawyers serve the cargo & freight industries and are on 24 hour standby, to ensure you or your clients commercial interests are fully protected in contract / tort / time bar and applicable laws as well as international conventions – e.g. Hague / Hague-Visby / Hamburg / Rotterdam Rules.

Your trusted partner in challenging circumstances – protecting your interests, whilst delivering effective & innovative solutions across the industry.


Investigations of accidents to property, vessels, machinery & personnel on behalf of clients in order to establish root cause of incidents & assist throughout the claim to final settlement.

Establishing the true value of goods for claims adjustment purposes, including arranging salvage sales. Domestic Transit within the country of origin – Imports and/or Exports including country of origin to (FOB) Free on Board.

Measurements / calculations of bunker quantity on-board for Charter delivery or redelivery.

Draft surveys, hold inspections, load / unload supervision, sampling, assessment of loss, damages and potential salvage.

Advising & assisting in cleaning of cargo holds / tanks on bulk carriers & tankers. Certification of for readiness of loading provided.

Loading & discharge operations – stuffing /de-stuffing of containers & trailers assessing quantity (tally) / quality and packing of all cargos including, project cargo / dry bulk commodities & bulk liquids.

FCL / LCL containerised goods – one of the largest global industries, with approximately 20 million containers & 200 million trips annually with cargo of an estimated value of more than $USD 4 trillion.

Surveys & independent reporting of damages as a result of temperature issues – excursions presenting ‘blocking’, thawing or dehydration, rot, quality disputes or damages and contractual quality concerns.

Vessel / machinery surveys – reports & recommendations issued for repairs / estimates of costs expenses & sales value.

Evaluation of condition, repair assessment and requirements of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs) -dry van / reefer / flat racks / open top and ISO tanks.

Damages to vessels, machinery, property & cargo – on behalf of Owners, Receivers and Underwriters. Surveys & valuations are also carried out for damages to commodities transported during road, rail & air legs of the transportation.

Representing owners, charterers, shippers, receivers, cargo owners & third parties, during loading and discharge operations.

Surveys & independent reporting upon, reefer temperature issues – damages – theft – illegal immigrant activity & other transit-related or store-related issues.

YORK ANTWERP RULES – Full handling of claims on behalf of underwriters / claims departments

  • Preliminary casualty investigations & exploration of possible defenses
  • Guidance on securities requirements
  • Negotiations with adjusters / 3rd Parties
  • Advice & handling of guarantees
  • Calculation of contributory values
  • Review of Adjustment to establish equitable distribution of loss is fair & reasonable

Transportation and storage of Hazardous Materials (HazMat) has strict rules and regulations due to the recognizable dangers of health & contamination issues – to personnel / vessels, property and other cargo. In the event of hazmat related concerns, Cargo Sure fully implements a timely emergency response and assists with safe clean-up operations / safe disposal of containers and the material itself strictly adhering to applicable laws & guidelines.

Individual assessment to evaluate possible hazards such as fires, water leaks, or any other catastrophes that may negatively affect your business or harm your employees. Surveys on behalf of insurers, P&I Clubs and underwriters and private companies.

Cargo Sure offers third party services verifying your products or commodities are compliant with either customer defined standards, national / international standards or regulations through to authenticated certification.

  • Inspections
  • Testing
  • Verification
  • Certification

With our partners – Cargo Sure can assist you in sourcing & arranging a wide range of cost effective third party Cargo / (Re) Insurance products tailored to suit your company’s particular requirements. We can assist with the following:

Transport operators

  • NVOC(C)

Marine Professionals


Surveys and independent reporting of damages in transit, dropped Materials (i.e. Coils or other commodities), theft of cargo, water / storm / flood damages, heat damage, electrical damages and other similar issues affecting commercially traded materials.

  • Pre-commencement of charter period, providing vessel & equipment report.
  • Re-inspection report / valuation on ending of charter period accurately describing any discrepancies or damages.

Cargo Sure pre-loading inspections ensures quality & quantity match the contract and there no apparent damages or shortages on or before loading. Packaging is assessed for suitability and cargo has correct export markings and documentation.

Mate’s Receipts and Bills of Lading are confirmed to be accurately claused, to reflect cargo quantity & condition at the time of shipment and certifies readiness of loading conditions of cargo, cargo holds and hatch covers, containers, witness loading & securing of cargo – on behalf of cargo owners, shippers, receivers and insurers.

Financial exposure may arise from a wide variety of casualty situations. Losses can be nullified or minimised via Cargo Sure’s intervention pursuing recovery actions against responsible Parties on your behalf, in any location world-wide.

Cargo Sure examines & gives detailed consideration to all avenues of recovery. Prompt actions against appropriate Parties are implemented maximizing the prospects of a successful recovery. Recoveries are successful (or not) depending on – the legal basis of the claim & any applicable defenses available to the Parties.

  • Initial Casualty Discussions & Advice.
  • Casualty Investigation.
  • Consideration of Law & Jurisdiction.
  • Obtaining Letters of guarantee, securities, including vessel arrest.
  • Negotiations with Opponents.
  • Mediation, Arbitration or Litigation.
  • Settlement.
  • Detailed investigations into cause and quantum of damages.
  • Partitioning of cargo based on quality differentials / damages.
  • Assessment of value of affected cargo / goods or property.
  • Laboratory / specialist testing (if necessary).
  • Local Intervention between :
    • Container agents
    • Custom brokers
    • Governmental agencies
    • Stevedores
    • Other parties surveyors
    • Vessel agents
    • Warehouse keepers
  • Prompt & efficient salvage sales – reducing costly demurrage, detention, and impending storage outlays.
  • Invitations sent by circular letter to potential salvage buyers.
  • Salvage sale/s held with bids to be received via closed bids system.
  • Acceptance of highest offer – prompt settlements before release of cargo.

Distressed Cargos – Salvage / Sale or Disposal

Distressed or damaged cargo may be rejected at any time during transportation and may be deemed unsuitable for the intended purpose by the Receiver. In this respect, you can rely on Cargo Sure to carry out detailed inspections, valuations and accurate assessment of any remaining marketable value of the goods or commodity, therefore, mitigating any loss (if possible) – otherwise, unsalvageable cargo (with no value) will be supervised during removal / destruction process at a certified destruction center or recycling plant.

Surveys & independent reporting upon loading / discharge of cargo, quality sampling, salvage sale of damaged loads, visual / quality inspection of stored cargo, warehouse inspections, investigations of causes of damage through handling processes and other transit related claims.

Theft can occur at any point of a multimodal transport or during warehousing. Cargo Sure fully investigates the nature and facts of the theft and perseus recovery (if possible) and deals with local authorities and/or police in dealing with the incident.


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