Your Partner In Claims

 Information when you need it…

Cargo Sure is the claims friendly – claims ready survey team – we have a firmly established claims & legal background in our team, which means we react to gather all the necessary information for you ahead of time –  in any time-zone – we have you covered – even when your away from your desk – we are on the case!

Cargo Sure believes in focusing on quality of service & product – saving both time & money.  When accurate information is provided 1st time round, then there is no need to rethink or redo.  That’s why we employ the best in the business to examine your file from 1st notification and execute a workable strategy throughout, providing you with detailed information & reports to meet your specific needs.

The international shipping industry is responsible for 90% of global trade, with approximately 60,000 merchant ships, transporting every kind of cargo at any given time. The world fleet is registered in over 150 countries and crewed by over a million seafarers, not to mention the millions more who are involved at every stage of the logistics chain. This amount of handling gives rise to accidents – when you least expect it – It’s good to know that you can depend on Cargo Sure to get the job done – on the ground, the air and at sea!